The Way We Work

Working with Auric

Our aim is to create quality electroplated products cost-effectively. Our ability to do that consistently has made us the first choice industrial plating supplier to companies around the world, across the automotive, electrical components, electronics, telecoms and aerospace sectors.

Design and innovation

Whether you are looking for high volume reel to reel plating or precision gold plating, right from the start our technical team will work with you to really understand your needs, offering guidance and advice, so as to create a process solution that meets both your budget and requirement.

If you need something different, our Design and Innovation team will use their in-depth technical expertise and industry knowledge to guarantee you the best electroplating results, whatever product or component you are looking to coat.

Cost-effective production

To ensure you get the quality of product you need on time, our systems manage the whole production process, ensuring your job is appropriately scheduled, materials available and inventory controlled for minimal wastage of time and resource.

Quality control

Incorrectly plated materials are prone to failure and increase costs, so we put particular emphasis on quality control, working to the highest quality standards at every stage, and monitoring every process throughout. We examine and test the condition of plated components in our laboratories so you can be certain they meet your specifications.

If you would like to know more about how our electroplating expertise could help you make better products, contact us.