Barrel Plating

To give small loose pieces, typically ranging from 3 to 35mm in length, an 'all over' surface treatment, we generally use a barrel plating process, where manufactured pieces are immersed in a plating solution and then slowly rotated with current applied.

This is an efficient and economical way to uniformly coat part metal or semiconductor components with precious metals like gold, silver, copper, nickel and palladium. Barrel plating is suited to high volumes of small, robust parts that are not easily deformed during tumbling.

While we use barrel plating to apply electrically conductive or solderable coatings, we also use it to apply decorative finishes to jewellery pieces. 

Barrel plating is done in batches, with the quantity in each batch determined primarily by component size and volume occupied. Our largest barrel has an 130dm² capacity.

As with all of our plating services, we quality test throughout the process to ensure and maintain consistency of results.

Auric’s barrel plating processes can save you money and resources. Find out how and contact us.