Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered about Auric.

Q. What metals can you coat with?


Our standard reel to reel plating machines can plate with different metals - copper, nickel, palladium, gold, silver or pure tin.

Q. At what speed can components be plated?


Our high volume electroplating lines can achieve up to 20 m/min.

Q. Are you able to work with electronic components?


Yes. We provide precision plated and treated components to the aerospace and telecoms industries, as well as for use in consumer products.

Q. What levels wastage can I expect?


Our aim is to keep wastage of all materials to a minimum. We take particular care in designing all our industrial plating processes, not only to cut costs to you as a customer, but also to minimise any potential impact on the environment, including the effective recovery of materials. 

Q. What quantities can you deal with?


We can handle any volume, from a single bespoke item that needs gold plating through to high volume components that need barrel plating.

Q. What are your quality standards?


We know the importance of achieving the highest standards, particularly when dealing with what can be 'mission critical' components in the telecommunications and aerospace sectors. We have maintained our ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification since 1993, we comply with relevant EU directives and global initiatives and have introduced the core principles of ISO 14001 Environmental Management and BS OHSAS 18001 into the way that we work.

Q. How do you ensure compliance to specification?


Our laboratory contains state of the art equipment, which enables us to test and examine finished components to ensure that they meet and continue to meet even the most exacting of standards set by our clients, whatever electroplating process we have used.

Q. What about product development?


We are able to work with you to design and develop surface treatment solutions that work, to your specification and budget, as we have for these clients.

Q. How precisely can you plate?


We use single and twin headed selective spot units, using special purpose tools to produce discreet areas as small as 0.4mm diameter. We can also deposit metals onto one or two sides only of bandolier pins and use contour plating tooling for three dimensional components.

Q. What size components can you plate?


With barrel plating, components typically range from 3 to 35mm long. Reel to reel strip width maximum is 100mm.

Q. What size reel can you handle?


There are several permutations possible according to strip width and coatings required, as a guide:

  • For feed and collection of plated material from horizontal, up to 250Kg weight and/ or 1250mm diameter;
  • For feed from vertical, up to 60 Kg weight and/ or 900mm diameter;
  • For collection of plated material from vertical, up to 30 Kg weight and/ or 900mm diameter.

Q. Can you plate complex 3D dimensional components?


For this we use a 'contour plating' technique that is as selective as brush plating, but which enables us to combine positive masking and guidance with a high speed deposition rate, without the usual brush head problems.

If you have any questions about Auric Metal Finishers and the industrial electroplating services we provide, please contact us.