Working to the highest standards

Whatever materials we coat, we work to the very highest quality standards throughout every process.

Our inspection laboratory is equipped with the latest testing equipment capable of measuring coating applied to only nanometres thick and for providing confirmation tin coatings are RoHS compliant. And our chemical analysis laboratory enables rapid feedback for maintaining the condition of the solutions we use.

Our attention to quality is reflected in having successfully maintained our ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification since 1993, and have become the first choice supplier to companies large and small, across industries as diverse as automotive, consumer and commercial electronics, telecommunications and aerospace.

Measurement Equipment

Fischerscope® XRF systems

We are equipped with the latest systems that have been developed by Fischers and these allow us to measure very thin electroplated coatings and the deposit composition for RoHS compliance.

Atomic absorption analysis

Enables us to determine the metal content within a plating solution sample, an exceptionally useful tool for quality control.

UV spectroscopy

Gives us the capacity to analyse the chemical makeup of our electroplating solutions using light, another invaluable tool in making certain that your products are being made to the exact quality standard you expect.

For more information about our plating capabilities, and to see how we can help you, please contact us.

More information on how we meet international environmental standards.