About Us

What makes Auric different?

Since Auric Metal Finishers was set up in 1979, the company has grown to become a leader in the industrial electroplating of components for the automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical and telecoms industries.

Working from a purpose-built factory covering 2,100m2, our specialist electroplating team serves clients around the world who come to us because of the 'Auric Difference', a unique combination of characteristics that makes us stand out in our sector.

The Auric difference


For you, that means minimum waste and the most cost-effective use of materials, particularly with an expensive process like gold plating.


We have the technical expertise and expert knowledge to help you create better products for the automotive, electrical component, electronics, telecoms and aerospace sectors.


Clients keep returning to us because they know that we do what we say. That gives them reassurance and confidence, especially when working to tight budgets and deadlines.


Our certification in quality management, environmental care and health and safety shows that we want to be the best. It’s what drives us.


Our range of services means that we have the flexibility and experience to tackle pretty much any electroplating project you can throw at us, whatever sector you are in.


Our commitment to customers has enabled us to build long-term relationships with many of our clients, who have made us their first choice industrial plating supplier.


Our depth and breadth of experience, combined with our 'technical creativity', means that we are able to design new solutions for even your most complex surface treatment needs.


Whether you need high volume reel to reel plating or precision gold plating, our technical team will work with you to understand your needs so we can create a process solution that meets both your budget and requirement. 


It’s at the heart of what we do. We are committed to providing you with the best service, in the best way and with the best results. 

This is what makes us different. This is what makes us Auric. To experience the 'Auric difference' for yourself, contact us