Medical equipment electroplating innovation

Electroplating improves the functionality of medical devices, enabling them to conduct heat and electricity better, and to resist corrosion and wear, as well as creating antimicrobial and biocompatible surfaces.

So, when an international manufacturer of medical devices was referred to us by another of our customers, they wanted to know if we could create a custom electroplating process for a new product they were developing. Given our previous experience of working with customers, we were happy to be their development partner.

Working from the design stage, we conducted a series of seven day-long trials to assess the potential benefits of different processes. Once the best option had been identified, we created a final design that would meet the customer’s detailed specification.

A dedicated plating option

Our plant is multi-purpose and each plating line serves many customers and products. However, the customer wanted an electroplating line dedicated to their product.

So, to ensure the integrity of the whole process and to maintain confidentiality - the product was going through patenting - we designed and built a new dedicated PLC-controlled plating line for them.

The range of industrial plating services we offer, combined with our cross sector experience and technical creativity, mean that we can help you create better products.

So, when you need to solve a complex electroplating problem, you need Auric. Contact us for more information.